7-Function Canning Kit

Handy tools for all your canning needs!

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7-Function Canning Kit
  • 7-Function Canning Kit
  • Digital Timer
  • Canning Funnel
  • Bubble Remover/Lid Lifter
  • Jar Lifter
  • Kitchen Tongs
  • Jar Wrench

This six-piece accessory set includes a Digital Timer, Canning Funnel, Combination Bubble Remover/Lid Lifter, Jar Lifter, Kitchen Tongs, and Jar Wrench.

Digital Timer with battery accurately counts down processing times.

Canning Funnel assures neat and easy filling of regular- or wide-mouth canning jars.

The flat end of the Combination Bubble Remover/Lid Lifter gently releases trapped air bubbles from liquid in jars. Use the magnetic end to assist in lifting canning lids from hot water.

Jar Lifter helps to easily and safely place hot jars in canner before processing and then removes hot jars after processing.

Kitchen Tongs provide safe handling of hot foods during preparation for canning.

Jar Wrench helps to remove screw bands that have become stuck in place.

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