FACS Resources

Family and Consumer Science Educators may use this page as a quick information resource for printer-friendly PDFs of Presto’s home canning educational materials as well as the Composite Parts List for Presto® pressure canners and cookers. Printed educational brochures and pamphlets can also be ordered in quantities by visiting our Contact Us page or calling (800) 877-0441.

Product spec sheets for the Presto Precise® Digital Pressure Canner and Presto® 16- and 23-quart stovetop Pressure Canners—including the full-size Induction Compatible Canner with stainless steel-clad base—and various models of the expandable Dehydro Food Dehydrators are also available below.

Presto® Testing Unit 81288 resources. Available only to agencies within the Cooperative Extension Service (CES).

Cooperative Extension Newsletter
Presto Testing Unit 81288
Dial Gauge Testing Results
Instructions for Returning your Master Gauge and/or Testing Unit
Instructions for Returning a Dial Gauge (consumers)
Presto® Pressure Canner 3-piece Adjustable Regulator Rocking Motion

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Home Canning Educational Materials:

  • Digital Canner Facts and FAQ. The Presto Precise® Digital Pressure Canner has automated the canning process. Get the facts about this electric Pressure Canner and Boiling Water Canner in one. 
  • Canner Comparison Guide. An illustrated guide to help understand the differences between Presto® dial gauge, weighted gauge, and digital pressure canners.
  • Canning Basics. Get a basic understanding of the science and procedure of canning to ensure a safe and confident home canning experience.
  • Canning Heat Source. A detailed listing of recommended heat sources for use with Presto® Canners as well as heat sources that are not acceptable and pose a serious risk.
  • Boiling Water Method. Step-by-step guide on how to use your stovetop Presto® pressure canner as a boiling water canner and which Presto® canners can be adapted as a boiling water canner.
  • Pressure Canning Essentials Q & A. We’ve helped our customers solve their canning problems for over 100 years. Start off your canning experience with expert advise on some of our most frequently asked questions.
  • Parts of a Typical Pressure Canner. Become familiar with the parts of your canner and understand the differences between a Weighted-gauge Canner and a Dial-gauge Canner.
  • Care and Maintenance. Presto® Pressure Canners are built to last many years. Learn how to properly care for and service your stovetop pressure canner.
  • Composite Parts List. Comprehensive listing of available pressure cooker and canner replacement parts complete with drawings and prices.
  • Presto® Product Catalog. Check out our entire product collection complete with photos, product descriptions, and features. To purchase Presto® products, see your favorite retailer or visit GoPresto.com.