FACS Resources

Family and Consumer Science Educators may use this page as a quick information resource for printer-friendly PDFs of Presto’s home canning educational materials as well as the Composite Parts List for Presto® pressure canners and cookers. Printed educational brochures and pamphlets can also be ordered in quantities by visiting our Contact Us page or calling (800) 877-0441.

Product spec sheets for the Presto Precise® Digital Pressure Canner and Presto® 16- and 23-quart stovetop Pressure Canners—including the full-size Induction Compatible Canner with stainless steel-clad base—and various models of the expandable Dehydro Food Dehydrators are also available below.

Presto® Testing Unit 81288 resources. Available only to agencies within the Cooperative Extension Service (CES).

Presto Testing Unit 81288
Dial Gauge Testing Results
Instructions for Returning your Master Gauge and/or Testing Unit
Instructions for Returning a Dial Gauge (consumers)

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Home Canning Educational Materials:

  • Digital Canner Facts and FAQ. The Presto Precise® Digital Pressure Canner has automated the canning process. Get the facts about this electric Pressure Canner and Boiling Water Canner in one. 
  • Canner Comparison Guide. An illustrated guide to help understand the differences between Presto® dial gauge, weighted gauge, and digital pressure canners.
  • Canning Basics. Get a basic understanding of the science and procedure of canning to ensure a safe and confident home canning experience.
  • Canning Heat Source. A detailed listing of recommended heat sources for use with Presto® Canners as well as heat sources that are not acceptable and pose a serious risk.
  • Boiling Water Method. Step-by-step guide on how to use your stovetop Presto® pressure canner as a boiling water canner and which Presto® canners can be adapted as a boiling water canner.
  • Pressure Canning Essentials Q & A. We’ve helped our customers solve their canning problems for over 100 years. Start off your canning experience with expert advise on some of our most frequently asked questions.
  • Parts of a Typical Pressure Canner. Become familiar with the parts of your canner and understand the differences between a Weighted-gauge Canner and a Dial-gauge Canner.
  • Care and Maintenance. Presto® Pressure Canners are built to last many years. Learn how to properly care for and service your stovetop pressure canner.
  • Composite Parts List. Comprehensive listing of available pressure cooker and canner replacement parts complete with drawings and prices.
  • Presto® Product Catalog. Check out our entire product collection complete with photos, product descriptions, and features. To purchase Presto® products, see your favorite retailer or visit GoPresto.com.