Presto® Indoor Electric Smokers – Product Recall

As a trusted name in home appliances for over 115 years, National Presto Industries, Inc. (“Presto”) puts consumer safety first. In partnership with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Presto is voluntarily recalling all Presto® indoor electric smokers (Model No. 0601304 and Model No. 0601405).

Presto has received reports of smokers tripping circuit breakers and GFCI outlets. After examining the smokers, Presto has determined that the heating element/wiring on each unit is defective, posing a potential shock hazard to consumers. There have been no reports of injury or property damage, but out of an abundance of caution, Presto is recalling all units from the marketplace. If you have a Presto® indoor electric smoker, either Model No. 0601304 or Model No. 0601405, you should immediately stop using the unit and follow the instructions below to return your smoker for a refund. Presto is committed to the safety of all our products, and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

How Do I Return My Smoker for a Refund?

1) Verify that you have a PRESTO smoker that is being recalled by entering the ACTUAL model number and date code found on the bottom of your own smoker. To help you locate the model number and date code, see the sample illustration below (Fig 1)

Smoker Model Number and Date Code
Fig 1 - (Do not copy the model number and date code shown on Fig 1. Neither is correct.)

Seven digit number found on sticker located on exterior bottom of smoker.
Five digit number found on sticker located on exterior bottom of smoker.

2) Provide us with your contact information so we can send you a prepaid shipping label for return of your smoker

3) Do you want to receive your prepaid shipping label by email or mail? Use the drop down arrow in the box below to indicate your choice.

You will receive, within 4 days (excluding Holidays), an email from Federal Express instructing you on how to print the label at home or at a FedEx store from your mobile device.

We will mail a Federal Express prepaid label within 4 days (excluding Holidays).

Once you receive your label, box your indoor electric smoker, take the box to a FedEx drop off location and affix the label. You can drop off your package at one of 60,000+ retail and contactless FedEx® Drop Box locations. FIND A DROP OFF LOCATION.

Presto will mail you a refund check for $100 within two weeks of the receipt of your smoker.

4) Have questions? Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

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