Premium Canning Kit

Premium 8-function canning kit includes the most desired items for successful canning.

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Premium Canning Kit
  • Premium Canning Kit
  • Premium Canning Kit
  • Premium Canning Kit
  • Premium Canning Kit

This five-piece accessory set includes a stainless steel blanching basket, canning funnel with headspace measure, combination bubble remover/magnetic lid lifter/water measure, jar lifter, and wide-scoop ladle.

Canning funnel fits on both regular and wide mouth jars for easy, accurate filling.

Premium-quality stainless steel blanching basket and jar lifter.

Bubble remover multi-tool also functions as a magnetic lid lifter and water measure.

Durable heat resistant and BPA-free funnel, ladle, and bubble remover/lid lifter/water measure.

Soft-grip handles on all canning tools.

Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

One year limited warranty.

Canning funnel's inner and outer collars keep jar rims and countertops clean.
Blanching basket fits in most standard kitchen pots.
Magnetic lid lifter transfers clean lids to jars.