Our Mission

National Presto Industries, Inc.’s mission is to advance the American dream by providing the means to protect and enrich life.

Enrich the lives of stockholders by creating value through regular cash dividends and capital appreciation.

Protect and enrich the lives of customers with the products and services of the Company’s business segments.

Enrich the lives of employees by attracting and retaining loyal, productive, engaged employees through competitive wages and benefits, promotion from within, and safe, efficient working environments.

Enrich the lives of suppliers by establishing long-term relationships on fair and reasonable terms.

Support the communities in which the Company and its segments operate to foster a desirable place for our employees to live and raise their families.


Guiding Attributes

Four fundamental attributes that
guide the Company:

Wisdom of Diversification
The overall corporate structure should have
more than one industry with a commercial
and defense presence.

Boldly chart and conquer new and
unexplored fields

Look for new and unexplored fields, then
conquer them by allocating the necessary
resources to overcome obstacles and opposition.

Align stockholder and
employee interests

Offer stock to employees to create a real and
personal interest in the future of the Company.

Long-range planning
Setting proper expectations for long-term
endeavors by ensuring short-term goals and
gains fit into the long-range plan.

Core Values

Constantly strive to create
new products.

Constantly strive to improve
present products.

Sustain a work environment that
fosters mutual respect, openness
and individual integrity.

Small Company Culture
To allow the Company to react in a
nimble manner to an ever-changing
business environment.

Financially Conservative
Avoid long-term debt financing
whenever possible.