• Always coat foods with a protective coating of batter or crumbs before deep frying. This protects them from the very hot oil and prevents a hard, unattractive skin from forming on the food. The coating also forms an effective seal which prevents the flavor of the cooking food from intermingling with the oil.
  • Cook food in small amounts. Frying too many pieces at once lowers the oil temperature and the coating will not instantly form a crisp crust, allowing the food to absorb extra oil and lose its juices.
  • Always drain cooked food well on paper towels.
  • If food must wait before being served, spread it out on a hot cookie sheet in a single layer. Keep warm and uncovered in the oven with the door open to allow for circulation of air. Covering the food will make it soggy.
  • Deep frying oil can be used over and over, provided it remains clean and food flavors have not seeped into it. Store oil in a tightly closed container in the refrigerator. Many of today's fryers feature a snap-on lid allowing oil to be left right in the fryer and stored in the refrigerator. When the oil begins to darken it should be replaced, since this signals that it is beginning to break down and it could begin to smoke or impart a rancid flavor.

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