Add-on Nesting Dehydrator Trays

Increase the capacity of your Presto® Dehyrdo™ Food Dehydrator.

Stock No. 06306.
  • $24.99
Add-on Nesting Dehydrator Trays

Additional trays provide expanded drying capacity and nest for compact storage. The total number of trays that can be used varies by dehydrator model*

Package includes two Nesting Dehydrating Trays.

Designed to fit all round Presto® Dehydro™ Dehydrator models. IMPORTANT: Not for use with Presto® Dehydrator 06304.

*NOTE: Presto® Food Dehydrator model 06300 includes 4 trays and can be expanded to a total of 8. Models 06301 and 06302 both include 6 trays and can be expanded to a maximum of 12.



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