Digital AirDaddy

4.2-quart electric air fryer

Fries with little or no oil for delicious fried food without the added fat. Roasts, grills, and bakes too.
Stock No. 03422.
Digital AirDaddy™
  • Digital AirDaddy™
  • Presto® Digital AirDaddy ™ air fryer
  • Presto® Digital AirDaddy ™ air fryer
  • Presto® Digital AirDaddy™ electric air fryer

Makes french fries with up to 75% less fat.

Large 4.2-quart basket is ideal for family-size batches.

Convection system circulates hot air in every direction for foods that are crispy outside and tender inside.

Great for fresh or frozen foods! Makes french fries, appetizers, meats, poultry, seafood, and vegetables. Even bakes cakes and muffins.

Large digital touch screen lets you set the temperature and time or choose from four handy presets for fries, meat, fish, and chicken. Set temperatures from 150°F to 400°F and times up to 60 minutes.

Timer counts down remaining cooking time and automatically shuts air fryer off when cooking time is done.

Menu guide provides quick reference to cooking times and temperatures for many popular foods.

Removable pan and basket are fully immersible for cleaning.

Built-in cord wrap for easy storage.

Cool-touch exterior.

One year limited warranty.

120 Volts AC, 1500 Watts

Convection system circulates hot air in every direction.
Removable pan and basket for easy serving and cleaning.
Digital control for easy selection of cooking time and temperature.