Baking/Steaming Rack

for 16-inch Skillets and Roaster Oven

Turn your Presto® 16-inch Electric Skillet into a Oven or Steamer!
Stock No. 09975.
  • $10.99
Baking/Steaming Rack

Here's a terrific offer on a special accessory designed exclusively for use in Presto® 16-inch Electric Skillets, the Electric Roaster Oven, and the Electric Dutch Oven and Buffet Server.

This handy rack is great for steaming vegetables and baking cakes and quick breads. It's also ideal for making baked and twice baked potatoes as well as delicious baked apples.

When oven space is unavailable, you can even bake cakes and quick breads*.

This rack is made of chrome-plated steel for long life.

*May require high-dome cover.

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