Making Stock (Chicken Stock) with Chef Paul Miller

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A rich, full-bodied stock usually takes three or more hours of simmering. With his pressure cooker, Chef Paul Miller makes a delicious chicken stock in under 30 minutes.

For decades, Chef Paul Miller has guided the award-winning cuisine of K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. As executive chef of the renowned French Quarter restaurant, he oversees the exacting preparation of Louisiana dishes that have drawn diners from around the world for 35 years. A native of Opelousas, Louisiana, he hails from the same hometown as Chef Paul Prudhomme. He met Chef Paul during his tenure with Brennan's in Atlanta, Georgia and transferred to Commander's Palace in New Orleans in 1977. In 1981, he joined the staff of K-Paul's Louisiana Kitchen and furthered the restaurant’s use of fresh, local ingredients in the creation of flavorful, authentic Louisiana cooking.