French Quarter Beignets with Chef Kevin Belton

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Beignets are a New Orleans tradition and, though seemingly difficult to make, are really quite easy when Chef Kevin Belton walks you through the steps and all the fine details of making these heavenly pastries. Beignets are tiny golden pillows of yeast doughnuts, deep-fried and coated in confectioner’s sugar. A sensational treat, especially when served warm with friends and family.

For over 20 years Chef Kevin Belton has demonstrated the fundamentals of New Orleans cooking to appreciative audiences from around the world. Most recently, as host of the public television series New Orleans Cooking with Kevin Belton, the Creole chef takes viewers on a tasty tour of New Orleans. From Classic French to soul food to German, Irish, and Italian influences, he explores the diverse mix of cultures that contribute to the distinctive food of the Crescent City.