4-Quart Pressure Cooker

Model number A409 is a 4 Quart Pressure Cooker but is quite rare. Before continuing, be sure you have the correct model number. If the number on your cooker is 409A rather than A409, there is a good chance you have the wrong model number. 409A is a listing number issued by Underwriters Labratory. This appears on all Presto® Pressure Cookers. If you're not sure, please examine your pressure cooker to determine it's model number. It will be something other than 409A.


National Presto Industries does ship parts to Alaska and Hawaii,
however, we ask that you contact our Customer Service Dept. at
1-800-877-0441 to place your order. Representatives are
available Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. Central Time to assist you.

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Genuine Presto® Replacement Parts & Accessories
Accessories & Replacement Parts (for use only with Presto® products)
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Pressure Cooker Body Handle
Pressure Cooker Cover Handle
Cooking Rack for 2 1/2- and 4-Quart Pressure Cookers
Pressure Cooker Instruction/Recipe Book
Pressure Cooker Sealing Ring/Automatic Air Vent Pack (2 1/2 - 4 Quart)
Pressure Cooker/Pressure Canner Automatic Air Vent
Pressure Regulator

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