Now you can be even more creative with your Presto® SaladShooter® electric slicer/shredder!

Discover how easily you can zip up extravagant salads, desserts, hors d'oeuvres and more with fancy ripple cuts. Add a delightful crunch with large "super" shreds or make extra fine shreds for a delicate touch of flavor. And shoot tasty toppings right where you want them to create colorful and delicious dishes. These handy accessories make it even easier to prepare sensational salads, perfect pizzas, terrific tacos, and dazzling desserts with your SaladShooter® slicer/shredder.

Just slip on the amazing Ripple Slice Cone and you'll be shooting out spectacular crinkly cuts in seconds. Use them to dress up a salad or casserole. Create beautiful hors d'oeuvre trays. Even make your own delicious, homemade ripple chips, fast and easy. You've never seen anything like it!

Ripple Slice Cone

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For a hearty salad with an added crunch, switch to the Super Shred Cone and shoot larger, thicker shreds of vegetables. Make elegant julienne cut potatoes and carrots for soups, salads and more! Mince onions in a jiffy without the tears! Mozzarella or cheddar piled high on pizzas, tacos, or cheese breads will satisfy even the biggest cheese lover. Or, for a change of pace, use the super shreds in your wok for delightfully different stir-fry vegetables. These extra thick shreds cook super fast so they don't lose any flavor or texture. Super shreds add a special zest to homemade vegetable soup!
Super Shred Cone

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When you want to add a special elegant look to your salad creations, you'll love the Fine Shred Cone. Delicate shreds of your favorite vegetables will dress up any salad and they're perfect for adding zesty flavor to dips, too. Or, use it for topping chili, pastas, or even baked potatoes with a delicious touch of cheese! Add the fine shred cone to your shopping cart today.
Fine Shred Cone

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Funnel Guide ImageTAKE PERFECT AIM
Here's how to shoot ingredients right into your salad, casserole, or dessert with perfect aim. Just slip on the special Funnel Guide attachment and they'll go exactly where you want them with no fuss or muss. You'll love it for shooting chopped nuts right onto a cake or for directing crumbed crackers, shredded cheese, or vegetables straight into your smallest mixing bowl.
Funnel Guide

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Ripple Slice Cone and Funnel Guide Set

Get both the Ripple Slice Cone and the Funnel Guide in this special set.

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Value Pack: All Three Cones Plus The Funnel Guide

This value pack contains the Ripple Slice Cone, Super Shred Cone, Fine Shred Cone and the Funnel Guide.

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