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How much do you know about pressure cooking? On a separate sheet of paper answer each question as completely as you can.

1. Why should you always inspect the vent pipe before using the pressure cooker?

2. Why must the pressure cooker never be over two-thirds full?

3. When should the pressure cooker be no more than half full?

4. Why must liquid be used in the pressure cooking method?

5. Why should you always use a timer for pressure cooking?

6. What action should you take if the pressure regulator is rocking rapidly?

7. How can pressure be reduced quickly?

8. Which foods require quick pressure reduction? Why?

9. How can pressure be reduced gradually?

10. Which foods require gradual pressure reduction? Why?

11. When can different foods be cooked together in a single pressure cooker?

12. What is the cooking rack used for?

13. Which foods should never be cooked in the Pressure Cooker? Why?

14. What special care should be given to the sealing ring on the pressure cooker?

15. How can your favorite recipes be adapted for use in the pressure cooker?

16. What are the advantages of pressure cooking?

17. In what ways does a pressure cooker help save money?

18. How does pressure cooking help to preserve nutrients?

19. Why should you keep the instruction manual for the pressure cooker?

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