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There's never been a better -- or more necessary -- time to put on the pressure cooker than right now! If one of today's slogans is "having it all," nowhere is that more true than in the kitchen. Today, we want foods that combine freshness and real flavor with elegance and appeal. We want hearty foods to satisfy our appetites and healthy foods to satisfy our need to feel fit, trim, and attractive. We want to eat right, eat light, and eat lean. Because we're so busy, we want to have it all, and cook it all at breakneck speed.

The key to survival (as well as satisfaction) in this fast-paced environment is . . . pressure cooking! Even with all the newfangled, high-tech kitchen gadgets on the market, the Pressure Cooker is still the fastest, most efficient, and most satisfying way to cook many foods. Plus, it's ideally suited to today's emphasis on eating for health and well being.

To help educators familiarize students with pressure cooking and how well it fits in with contemporary lifestyles and concerns, National Presto Industries, Inc. has developed this school program. It contains a variety of materials that emphasize pressure cooking's advantages. The materials are designed to help students learn to use a pressure cooker with ease and confidence and to recognize all the ways pressure cooking can help them eat right, as well as save time, money, and energy.

This program was created for use with pressure cookers utilizing rocking regulators. For use of this program in conjunction with a pressure cooker utilizing a different regulator, please consult the operating instructions accompanying the pressure cooker to examine differences in parts and functions.

This program provides five days of lesson suggestions and creative classroom activities you can incorporate into a teaching unit on pressure cooking. By using these lessons and materials in your curriculum, your students will:

  • Get to know the pressure pooker.
  • Use a pressure cooker properly.
  • Adapt traditional recipes for faster, easier, healthier preparation in the pressure cooker.
  • Apply the "survival strategy" of pressure cooking to meeting the challenges of contemporary lifestyles and nutritional concerns.

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